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Scrying Bowl

Project type

Sound Installation


February, 2023



Scrying Bowl is a sound installation composed of a black bowl filled with a mixture of baby oil and other organic particles and minerals, six battery-powered votives, a small amplifier, and a desk lamp. The bowl, which sits at the center of the assemblage, emits a recitation of a poem that takes translated lines from 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus’s prophecies and rewrites them to create new predictions that reference the recent past. The sound passes through the amplifier and into a transducer, which vibrates the bowl and its contents to cause a cymatic effect to appear on the liquid’s surface. This, in addition to the polyrhythmic tapping of the bowl against the transducer, animates the piece into a kinetic sculpture. The viewer is invited to approach the oscillating bowl and gaze into its dark, shimmering surface.

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