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Eau de Bouffon

Project type

Artist Multiple


February, 2023



Eau de Bouffon is an olfactory alteration of a red polyurethane clown nose. For this work, the artist created her own perfume using scents reminiscent of the circus. The scent is seductively sweet with its cotton candy oil base and hints of jasmine, coconut, foam, and sweat. The foam nose comes infused with the scent. One must lift the nose to their face to experience the full extent of the work.

Accompanying the scent is a hand-printed label that reads “Eau de Bouffon - Audrey Amm - tester” as a gesture of personal branding akin to department store tester bottles, and as an invitation to the viewer to handle the work.

The inspiration for this piece comes from the artist’s previous work with clowns during her time as a stage actor, from whom she learned many things about life, happiness, and self-deprecation. With this piece, she hopes to activate the inner fool of the viewer using a sensuous embodiment of her infatuation.

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